Dominic is a non-binary actor, writer, and comedian, represented by Nic Knight Management.

Eleonora Collini (North West London Head Shots)


2021 ‘The Yorkshire Poroject’ directed by Dominic Anglim (tv pilot trailer)

2019 ‘No World Like Mine’ directed by Mike Herbers (short film)

2019 ’36 Husbands’ directed by Michael Glover (feature film)

2018 ‘Guiri Gringo’ directed by Dominic Anglim (music video)

2017 ‘Heartbeat’ directed by Nick Mandri-Perrott (short film)

2017 ‘Monday’ directed by Candice Vallantin (short film)

2017 ‘The Stranger’ directed by Javier Buckenmeyer (short film)

2015 ‘Bad Day for a Kidnapper’ directed by Mario Moreno (comedy short)

2015 ‘The Mature Student’ directed by College Times (comedy short)

1998 ‘Lipservice’ directed by Paul Mercier (short film)

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