Non-binary actor, writer, and comedian, represented by Nic Knight Management

Photographer: Eleonora Collini, 2023


2022 ‘The Greatest Storyteller’ ( Actor – Commerical for Audible, directed by Bart Timmer)

2021 ‘The Yorkshire Poroject’ (Producer, director – tv pilot trailer)

2021 Another Chance (2020 Remaster) – Ceri James feat. Clare Portman (Producer, director – music video)

2019 ‘No World Like Mine’ directed by Mike Herbers (Actor – short film)

2019 ’36 Husbands’ directed by Michael Glover (Actor – feature film)

2018 ‘Guiri Gringo’ – Patient 108 (Director, producer – music video)

2017 ‘Heartbeat’ directed by Nick Mandri-Perrott (Producer, Dancer, Musician – short film)

2017 ‘Monday’ directed by Candice Vallantin (Actor – short film)

2017 ‘The Stranger’ directed by Javier Buckenmeyer (Actor – short film)

2015 ‘Bad Day for a Kidnapper’ directed by Mario Moreno ( Co-writer, actor – comedy short)

2015 ‘The Mature Student’ directed by College Times (Actor – comedy short)

1998 ‘Lipservice’ directed by Paul Mercier (Actor – short film)

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