My Performance Story 2009 – 2019

2009, Madrid, Spain @ The Mad Open Mic Series, La Fiduela, Madrid.

I started doing spoken word, I began with poetry, then later monologues which led to me starting to do stand up comedy in 2010.

September 2010, Madrid @ Triskals Tavern, Thirsty Thursdays Open mic.

Initially there were no open mics specifically for stand up comedy in English, so I used to do stand up, at this rowdy music open mic @ Triskels Tavern.  I was the only person doing stand up at this mic for 2 years!

2012 September, Stand Up

I spent 6 weeks doing stand up comedy in NYC.  I performed @ The Broadway Comedy Club, The Pit & Gotham Comedy Club. It was there, while taking a Laughing Budda comedy workshop, that I first thought about organising comedy mics nights in Madrid. ‘cont.

November 2012 – April 2013, Host

Started hosting comedy open mics at various bars in Madrid.

June 2013 – July 2013, Co-Host

With fellow comic, Shawn Barron, we ran a series of short-form improv nights and comedy open mics through our troupe, The Kintoople Cootoops, along with other improvisers @ Triskals Tavern, Madrid.

The Kintoople Cootoops rehearsing in Retiro, June 2013. Shawn Barron, Vesta Rounsaville

September 2013 – February 2014, Host

I was approached by the owner of Mad Dogs, a bar in north Madrid, to host another comedy mic.  I went on to host multiple nights @ Mad Dogs.

In the audience, one night, was Benjamin Nathan-Serio.  Benjamin & his friend, Kirk Bonacci, were planning on starting an improv community in Madrid he said.  Open classes, where all levels were welcome!  How exciting!

January 2014 – November 2016 , Improviser in Short & Long form shows.

In this picture, Robert Schirmer, Matt Ledding & myself.

MAD Improv was born.  After being a student for almost a year and with other core members, we formed a performance team.

April 2014, Student

Comedy Writing Workshop with Logan Murray, Isle of White.

May 2014 – February 2015, Improviser

Atlantis Improv & Atlantis Improv Junior

January 2015 – August 2015, Writer, Actor

SketchPats‘ was formed and after 5 short YouTube sketches, disbanded.

Bad Day For A Kidnapper, 2015

February 2015 – January 2017, Coach, Co Host, Stand Up, Improviser, Writer, Actor

Diamonds Comedy was formed, myself and Chris Matus planned to have an open mic, where we would coach new comics and give everyone an opportunity to perform, called ‘Diamonds in the Rough’.  We ran a host of different nights from stand up to long-form improv to collaborating with a lot of people for comedy sketch shows. Chris spear-headed a lot of these nights and did most of the organising, while I did all the social media and marketing for them.  We co-hosted them together.

Diamonds Comedy Trailer , 2016

June 2015, Writer

Starting writing in the social media network Comedywire in NYC.

January 2017, Actor

Played the boss in ‘Monday’

‘Monday’ A Short Film by Candice Vallantin

Written / Directed by Candice Vallantin

April 2017, Actor

Played an agent in ‘The Stranger’

‘The Stranger’ Buckenmeyer Pictures, 2017

Written / Directed by Buckenmeyer Pictures

March 2017 – June 2017

Writer / Producer ‘HeartBeat’

Directed by Nick Mandri-Perrott

We were selected for 10 festivals in Europe, Canada & the USA & won 7 awards.  We were also screened in France, Spain & Hollywood.

‘HeartBeat’ directed by Nick Mandri-Perrott, 2018

July 2017

Casting director for ‘Brother CJ & The Othahood’ for the song ‘Journey’ which was later abandoned due to a re-mastering of the track.

July 2017 – October 2017

Director / Producer for the alternative rock band, Patient 108’s music video, for their first single, ‘Guiri Gringo’.

September 2017

Storytelling with Linksuss, Poland.

In October 2017′ I met Michael Glover & Robyn Rosenkrantz, aka Bright Blue Gorilla.  And got cast in their upcoming feature, ’36 Husbands’ my first lead role as ‘Frankie’

October 2017

Extra on plane in ‘The Kill Team’

November 2017

Rehearsals for ’36 Husbands’ , Berlin.

January 2018

‘Guiri Gringo’ released, Madrid.

‘Guiri Gringo’ Patient 108 directed by Dominic Anglim

November 2017 – March 2018

I studied acting for the camera with Assumpta Serna & Scott Cleverdon at Fundación First Team in Madrid.

Assumpta Serna Acting School

March 2018

Hosted Improv @ Roll Madrid

April 2018

Stand up Comedy in Melbourne, Australia.

April 2018 – May 2018

Filmed ’36 Husbands’ in Victoria, NSW & Mornington, Australia.

Interviewed on Goldfields FM, Maryborough, with Bright Blue Gorilla & co-stars of ’36 Husbands’.

May 2018

Improvised Stand Up @ Roll Madrid

May 2018 – July 2018

Filmed ’36 Husbands’ in Berlin, Dortmund & Frankfurt, Germany.

August 2018

Filmed ’36 Husbands’ in California, USA.

September 2018

Stand up comedy in Hollywood @ Ha Ha Comedy Club, San Diego @  The Comedy Palace & Argata @ Northtown Coffee & @ Big Fish Vap Lounge, USA.

October 2018

Stand up comedy with Stand Up Yours @ Teatro de los Aguas, Madrid, Spain. 

TEDxzy Talk @ Teatro de los Aguas, Madrid, Spain.

October 2018

Hosted ‘Witch’s Brew‘ Madrid for Refugees Fundraiser, Sol, Madrid.

November 2018, Berlin

Had a 1st meeting, with my new agent, Caprice Crawford.

Storyteller training for Linksuss, Rome, Italy.

HeartBeat is screened in Hollywood @ Studio City Film Fest 

January 2019

I attended an Acting for Camera workshop with Ron Burrus, studying the Stella Adler technique.

I also signed with the Actors Management Agency, Crawford Talents.

February 2019

Got cast in the short film, No World Like Mine.   Written /  Directed by Mike Herbers of Ktown Company Films

Storytelling @

The Bear True Stories event, Berlin.

Long form improv show @ Üshow @ BühnenRausch, Berlin.

March 2019

I attended the Acting for Camera master class, The Naked Face, Face one with David Penn, Berlin.

Filmed, No World Like Mine, Berlin.

Started writing K4, A Plastic World with Mara Luka, whom I met at The Naked Face acting course.

Wrote my first article for The Elephant Journal.  The Power of Intention, Now What Else is Possible?

April 2019

Teamed up with a German Illustrator to develop ‘The Secret Words’

Attended Emotional Training Audition class, Berlin  with acting coach, Francisco Javier Medina.

Storytelling with The Bear True Stories

The Bear True Stories @ Ballhaus.

May 2019

Co-hosted / Organized Madrid 48 Hour Film slam, Madrid with Style My Life 

Screened HeartBeat, She Rules, Monday & Guiri Gringo as part of the film screenings.

May 2019 – June 2019, Stage Manager

Stage Manager @ Berlin Music Video Awards, Berlin.

Represented ‘HeartBeat’ @ Nice Film Market, France.

June 2019 – July 2019, Coach, Theatre Director

Coach & Theatre director @ Marín Summer Camp, Galicia, Spain.

Directed 5 short plays with 33 Spanish & Portuguese teenagers.

Starting collaborating with a new Illustrator, Marta Magnuska,  on ‘The Secret Words’

July 2019

Co-directed, produced, acted in the sci-fi film ‘K4, A Plastic World‘. Berlin.

September 2019, Actor, Boom Operator

’36 Husbands’ Released in Denmark & London.

September 2019

Moved to London.

October 2019

’36 Husbands’ released in Germany

Got final illustrations and book design for ‘The Secret Words’ from Marta Magnuska.  All rights reserved. .  Now to get it published….

October 2019 – November 2019

Co Produced Madrid 48 Hour Film slam #2 Edition, Madrid @ Artistic Metropol Cinema.

Hosted Madrid 48 Hour Film slam Awards night and premiere.

December 2019

1st London School of Harmonica concert @ The Royal George

London School of Harmonica Concert

Photo shoot with photographer, Steve Best


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